A humble Xavierite, Mayank Anand did his schooling from Bishop Cotton in Shimla. After which he graduated in English literature, English Writing and Theatre Performance from Knox University, U.S.A. Apart from writing and acting Mayank is a talented painter as well which was probably honed in Chicago where he worked as an assistant art director in an advertising agency. He is also planning various exhibitions around Mumbai for his paintings.
                      ABOUT MAYANK ANAND.....................
Mayank Anand is an Actor, an Author and an Artist currently based in Mumbai but he doesn’t plan to stick around there for too long. He never really has stuck around anywhere for too long.

Born in the erstwhile state of Kapurthala, Punjab, he grew up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh where he attended school at Bishop Cotton School. Having finished his schooling there, he moved to Mumbai for a short stint at St. Xavier’s College where he was reading English Literature, before transferring credits to Knox College, Galesburg, IL, USA to pursue a degree in English Writing and Theatre Performance.
Mayank moved to back to Mumbai a few years ago and has been a regular on the small screen since. He has just published his first book titled ‘Love from the Sidelines’ and is working on getting his exhibition together.

Prior to making his mark as an actor, Mayank juggled various part-time jobs - including driving a truck, hanging drywall, modeling for art students, designing and building furniture, selling insurance, delivering newspapers, washing dishes, handyman services and some that he wouldn’t want to mention here. He is currently putting his construction and design skills to the test as he tackles a complete renovation of his parents’ house in Punjab.