NEW INTERN IN DMG..........:)

(Entering Sanjeevani On 22nd Of September 2009 after a leap)

Dr. Siddhant Modi (Karan Wahi)
 A smart and spoilt brat from a rich NRI family. Almost all of his family members are doctors, so he has been forced to become one against his wishes. He is packed off to Sanjeevani to become more focused on his career under the strict supervision of his cousin, Dr. Abhimanyu Modi. But for Sid life is a one big PS3 game. He is rarely serious about anything in life and has a laid back attitude. He never wanted to turn a doctor because it requires too much of hard work.

He is a gadget freak who hates to work so, he wants to go back to his home in Houston and just relax. Sid is a total flirt who has commitment issues, he is an overgrown kid with a bad temper. The shrew who needs to be tamed. But still he is quite brilliant and takes minimal effort to do well. He first annoys Dr. Shashank to no ends but later manages to impress him with his good qualities and intelligence. 

Dr. Tamanna Patil (Moulshree Sachdeva)

In sheer contrast to Siddhanth Modi's is Tamanna, girl with middle class moralities. She is responsible daughter of her family, who wants to make her parents proud.

Tamanna is smart, intelligent, compassionate, sensitive girl with a sense of justice. She is a star among the residents of her Chawl. She always wears salwar kameez with a distinct style of her own. She is extremely focused and is working hard to become a doctor to make her father's dream true. She is quite focused on her career and wants no distractions. Her only distraction is Siddhant

Dr. Naina Mehta (Neha Jhulka)

Naina belongs to an affluent orthodox Gujrati family. She is the youngest among the six siblings. She always tries to be cool though she comes from a conservative family. She goes to any lengths to look cool and catch the attention of people. She hates compromises. She is a convincing and shameless liar though she has no intention to hurt anyone. Her parents plan to marry her off but she wants to focus on her career.

She always maintains a dual identity by leaving home in salwaar kameez traditional look and then transforms into a glamorous avatar which she prefers more. she is always energetic, fun loving and bindaas. She is a chatterbox who is a bit dumb. She loves new adventures and discoveries. She is the one with a rebellious streak

Dr. Yuvraj (Sehban Azim)

He is from a middle class family and has a modern outlook. He has to take care of his family which consists of his mom and sister. He is ambitious and determined. Also blunt and serious about his work. He soon becomes the favorite of Head of Sanjeevani, Dr. Shashank. He likes to discover new things in life. He believes medical practice is both science and art which he loves.

He has a wicked sense of humor. He is the most balanced and mature among the new interns. You can always be sure that he has a bright future ahead. But not many know that he hides a deep secret and motive behind his arrival to Sanjeevani. There is definitely something mysterious about him